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Looking for work can be complicated. We’re here to simplify it. Here are some common questions that users have about the OTC. If you have further questions or comments, please reach out at

The Open Talent Collective provides a space for talent to showcase their work experience, highlight colleague endorsements and connect with hiring managers. Unlike other employment sites, this space is specifically for those impacted by recent layoffs, furloughs and hiring freezes, which makes it easier for employers to find who they’re looking for. CollabWORK will proactively share profiles with tech companies, corporations, start-ups and other projects looking to hire great talent.

The entire process connecting Talent and hiring managers is free. Step 1 - Hiring managers are invited to browse public profiles showing talent currently seeking new opportunities. Step 2 - Once a hiring manager discovers the profile of someone they want to meet, the hiring manager can select "Request Warm Intro" on that talent's profile. Step 3 - The talent will then receive an email notification about the request that includes a brief bio on the hiring manager and why they want to meet - whether to discuss an available position or expand their network. We do not disclose your contact information unless you agree to the introduction. Step 4 - If the talent is interested in meeting the hiring manager, it's a match! CollabWORK will introduce you both via email so that you can independently chat, discuss opportunities, and (fingers crossed) form a productive, mutually beneficial working relationship!

CollabWORK believes your network is your net worth because 85% of jobs are secured by networking. With that in mind, endorsements and referrals are key to our platform. Endorsements are a vital proof-of-performance indicator, and data shows they are often a key factor in a hiring manager's decision-making when filling open roles. People are invited to endorse anyone they currently or previously worked with. At this time, endorsements provide an additional way for talent to stand out to hiring managers. In the future, CollabWORK’s platform will help talent better leverage their vast networks and endorsements to stand out from other candidates.

At this time, please email any requests to We’ll happily update your profile for you.

CollabWORK has a pre-vetted Talent Network that is separate from our Open Talent Network. Anyone part of our Talent Network has been vetted by CollabWORK. Hiring managers interested in learning more can email While each profile is reviewed by the team, The Open Talent Network has not been personally vetted by CollabWORK.

After you submit your Talent Profile application, CollabWORK personally verifies and approves each individual to avoid any spam accounts. Please give us up to 24 hours for your profile to populate.

Current members of our Talent Network should have received an email asking if they wanted to opt-in to make their profiles public. Please check your inbox for an email from with instructions.

While this initiative was formed in response to helping those whose employment was recently terminated, we also understand that many companies are on hiring freezes or pausing promotions. We encourage you to fill out an application to join.

We'd love to be a resource to all impacted by the current environment. Please reach out to

In case you have any further questions, please reach out to